Meet the CEO

Josabet Bucaram is an educated, latinx, Gen Z entrepreneur with a strong background in marketing, fashion, and business. Growing up in Hollywood California was the best opportunity for her because it allowed her the ability to dream big. She attended college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in which she earned her degree in Merchandise Product Development. While still in school she took on multiple internships and paid jobs. Quickly after finishing her studies, she landed a role in Nordstrom and worked there for 3 years. During her time there she won awards and was recognized for her diverse set of skills. With the constant desire of owning her own business, Josabet made the time and decided to launch ALL SPARKSS LLC. Doing this line of work has inspired her to grow her business to give back to the fashion community who once gave her so much.

Meet the team-----------


Glenda Bucaram- Investor, Accountant,  Assistant Buyer, and Operations Assistant 


Angel Bucaram- Prospecting Manager


Jokasta Bucaram Gonzalez - Investor and Director of Operations Management


Jafet Bucaram- Creative Director, Copywriter, and Model 

 Sarai Bucaram- Fulfillment Manager